pasture pork shares

Photo by Megan McBride

Photo by Megan McBride


Our pigs

This year we’re raising Berkshire x Duroc and Berkshire x Hampshire pasture pigs. They have constant access to pasture and forest. Their diet is supplemented with non-GMO grains and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits from the fields - including beets, fresh greens, sweet potatoes and watermelons (their favorite).  

We are offering half and whole shares with several available for the first week of September (Berkshire x Duroc) and more available in early October 2018 (Berkshire x Hampshire).


All of our animals will be taken to Swiss Meat & Sausage Co. in Hermann, MO for butchering and processing. This is a family-owned and operated, USDA-inspected facility with a reputation for quality products. They will work with you to customize your order and fill out a cut sheet. 

base pricing

Whole Share = $3.75/lb hanging weight (approximately 180 pounds)

Half Share = $4/lb hanging weight (approximately 90 pounds)

$55 slaughter fee per animal ($27.50 for half share) 

$.50/lb hanging weight for processing, labeling, and packaging in shrink film

The pricing above is specifically for uncured pork and the most commonly used packaging. Cured meats and other options for packaging are available at an additional cost. 


For more information or to reserve a share, please email us at